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One of the ways in which Camp Sawtooth is able to continue ministering to children and youth, is through the generosity of those who care for its mission. This page will allow Camp Sawtooth to share with you our needs, and will allow you to see ways in which you could contribute to the ongoing mission of Camp Sawtooth. If you feel that you could make any of the below donations or feel called to give Camp Sawtooth a gift, please contact Camp Director.

Listed are items that are needed by Camp Sawtooth if you would like to donate the item or money towards the items it would be appreciated.

1 – Camper Scholarships
2 – Black light Volleyball court
3 – Portable screen for projector
4 – Small 4 wheeler w/ trailer to haul brush etc.

* Remember all donations are tax deductible.

Talent: Do you have a skill that can benefit the camp such as carpenter, plumber, electrician, nursing, musician, graphic artist, or researching and writing grants for camp donations?

Goods: Can you donate materials such as concrete, building materials, large quantities of food items?

Sponsor: Donate a monetary gift and sponsor a particular need of the camp.

Time: Program Staff, PSIT, Camp Host, work-weekend volunteers?

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